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"Every child deserves high-quality early education"

Here at Leora Childcare & Kindergarten children spend their day immersed in a rich indoors and outdoors programs. We have an integrated curriculum that seamlessly weaves together the acquisition of social, emotional, and academic skills, learning of co-constructed content, and building of community in dual languages. We integrate language and culture enabling the children to explore the world including and beyond its languages.

Our qualified language teachers incorporate language learning into everyday kinder experiences through fun and engaging activities like singing, dancing, painting and storytelling. This enriching learning environment boosts our littlest learners’ reading and writing skills, raises their self-esteem and strengthens their cultural identity.

Our Classrooms

A peaceful environment lies at the core of our classrooms. They provide our children with plenty of opportunities for hands on learning, creative play, imagination and socialising. Activities such as art studio, imaginative play, language and music not only build concentration and focus, they’re fun too.
Leora Childcare & Kindergarten
The Six Pillars

The six pillars

Leora Childcare & Kindergarten goes far beyond exploring academic subjects. The Six Pillars of Character are an integrated part of not only our curriculum but our environment and ultimately the heartbeat of our centre. The Six Pillars include the universal values of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. These values are instilled throughout every aspect of our program from our youngest to our oldest learners.

Our Garden

Our garden is a simple, inspirational place for children to find peace and connect with nature. In nature, children think, question, and make hypotheses about the world around them. We have created our garden to encourage the practice of mindfulness to help children find peace, connection, and happiness. This special time each day encourages awareness and helps the child to open their eyes to the beauty in their surroundings.
Cooperative Environment

Our Approach

By giving children the freedom to exist in a cooperative environment they learn how to respect each other, as well as how to work both alone and collectively. Serving children from birth to prep.
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So many happy reviews on Google and elsewhere cannot be that wrong.
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About the Teachers

Our Teachers

Leora's Childcare & Kindergarten staff nurtures the child’s sense of independence by encouraging exploration and decision making. Our teachers are trained to enable students to acquire practical communication skills, develop competence and confidence, while stimulating the joy of learning.

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