- Whole Day
- Half Day
- Flexible Hours
- Food Optional
- We make every child feel at home
- We provide a warm welcoming environment
- We look after every child like our own
- We encourage every child to participate in our activities
- We tailor our program to each child
- We help families as needed


279 North Road
Caulfield South, VIC 3162

Centre Hours

Monday-Thursday: 07:30am - 6:00pm
Friday:07:30am - 5:00pm

Phone & Email

0403 055 209

About Us

We opened our doors at the beginning of 2015 and since then we welcomed children from different cultures and with different development needs. We are a small 20 place centre with two huge rooms and a dedicated sleeping room. We look after children between the ages of 0 (birth) to 3+. We have outdoors play equipment that is specifically for this age group. We invested heavily in our centre to be safe for children, and we ensure that all children are supervised at all times indoors and outside at the play area. Our educators are qualified and are experienced in the area of 'Early Childhood Education.' We offer variety of activities in our centre, and we encourage our parents to participate in different events.
At Leora Baby Centre we provide the best development opportunities for your child.

We offer flexibility that you will not find in any other child care centre.
Whole Day, Half Day, Flexible Day. We go out of our way to help you out with your weekly schedule.
When you enrol with us, you can mix your week with full days and with half days as you need them.
Food is optional. You can bring your own food and/or be on our food program, again mix your week as it suits you.

Our Program

The emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become (Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Development).
That is why at Leora Baby Centre we invest so much in helping children to develop in a caring and a nurturing environment. We have a diverse range of activities that are developed especially for this age group. We tailor our program to your child. We evaluate each child and modify the program as we go so that your child has the best opportunity to develop and grow. We do very many activities with the children during the week such as -
Activities that develop their motor skills, activities that develop their senses, activities that develop their language, activities that develop their communication, activities that develop their thinking.
We encourage you as a parent to participate in group activities and we communicate with you, on a daily basis, the progress of your child.

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our program
What Our Families Are Saying

"I am so grateful for the high level of care provided by Leora and her staff."

"I have been very happy with choosing Leora's baby centre for my daughter."

"We have yet to find a more caring, nurturing and professional childcare centre than Leora's Baby Centre."

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