Welcome to Leora Baby Centre.

Leora Baby Centre is a child care centre situated in Caulfield South, Melbourne.

Our Early Learning Centre looks after children from birth to 3 years of age.

We have a very dedicated and loving staff, a stimulating program, and a nurturing environment.

We are dedicated to creating an environment that is warm and loving for the children, and as a result, they settle in very quickly.

We have very strong partnerships with our parents and we encourage parents to participate in family activities.

Our education program puts an emphasis on Jewish culture and we celebrate Jewish Chagim with the children and their families. We communicate with our parents daily and provide feedback on the child’s progress and interests.

To further enrich our program, our child care centre provides regular music and dance education that’s delivered by a qualified teacher.

Leora Baby Centre is committed to the National Quality Framework (NQF) and accordingly all our educators are constantly updating their skills and their knowledge.

Opened in 2016, our centre is modern, safe and stimulating for children. We can accommodate up to twenty places with two very spacious rooms and a separate sleeping area for the babies.

Our child care centre was designed to enable the children to go in and out (to the back play area) without barriers so that children can engage in their interests, as needed.

Leora Baby Centre strongly believes that the early years are essential for the future development and learning of each child, and we therefore provide individual attention to every child in our care.

Our centre is run by Leora who also owns the centre.
Leora has very many years of experience with early learning and is a familiar face to many parents.

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Leora: 0403 055 209

Changes to child care rebates were announced by the Federal Government and will be in effect from July-2018.
Under these changes families will have generous rebates to their child care fees. You may be eligible to 85% of your daily childcare fees.

Key Changes For Families
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