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Leora Childcare & Kindergarten

Nestled in the heart of a bustling community, Leora Childcare & Kindergarten radiates an aura of warmth and comfort, promising to transform your child's earliest memories into a foundation of love and security.
In a world where the first few years are crucial for development, finding the right care can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But what if we told you that our centre is not just a childcare & kindergarten; it’s a sanctuary designed to nurture, educate, and protect your precious little one from birth to the age of five? Here, every step your child takes is guided by experienced hands and loving hearts, ensuring that these formative years are filled with joy and discovery. Imagine a place where the safety and well-being of your child are paramount, and fresh, nutritious meals are always on the menu.
Leora Childcare & Kindergarten takes pride in its holistic approach, understanding that the key to effective childcare lies in attention to detail and genuine affection. Our environment is meticulously crafted to be not only a place of learning but also a haven where children feel at home. As you walk through our doors, you can sense the difference a dedicated team makes—a team that provides everything your child needs to flourish, from the essentials of everyday care to those irreplaceable moments of joy and laughter. Our centre is more than just a childcare & kindergarten; it is the start of something wonderful for your child's first crucial years.
Leora Baby Centre


Young children 0 - 2 discover the world around them in enhancing environment. We take pride in the daily communication with parents during their children’s first steps into discovery.
Cooperative Environment


Children 2 – 3 years old begin to develop language, an increased attention span and greater physical capabilities in one fell swoop. Our classrooms environment supports physical, emotional, and social development in a fun way.

Lower Kindergarten

Children 3 - 4 years old begin to really grasp language and immerse in discoveries. Our little school children are encouraged to make choices and give direction over their curriculum. We believe they are successful, competent and capable learners
Leora Kinder & Baby Centre STEAM

Upper Kindergarten

Children 4 – 5 years old are more engaged in our interdisciplinary STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Their vocabulary expands rapidly as the children communicate in more complex compound sentences

Why Do Parents send their children to Leora Childcare & Kindergarten?

At Leora Childcare & Kindergarten we take the development of your child very seriously.
We have an integrated curriculum that seamlessly weaves together the acquisition of social, emotional, and academic skills, learning of co-constructed content, and building of community in a dual language.
Parents send their children to Leora childcare & kindergarten because they want their child to get unparalleled education & care in a fun, safe, and engaging way.

Our Vision

We partner with our childrens’ families and communities to foster a true love of language, culture, education and the arts to grow into global leaders of the next generation.

Our Mission

Leora Childcare & Kindergarten is a child-centric haven that utilizes language, creative open spaces, nature, art and music to continue the path of happy, culturally diverse, open-minded global thinkers and forever learners.
Child Development

Our Curriculumn

Our unique progressive program was created for our families who value an education that meets, supports and challenges children where they are, allowing them to grow in self-awareness, empowered to achieve and express their full potential in a supportive environment.

Observation & Problem solving





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So many happy reviews on Google and elsewhere cannot be that wrong.
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About the Teachers

Our Teachers

Leora's Childcare & Kindergarten staff nurtures the child’s sense of independence by encouraging exploration and decision making. Our teachers are trained to enable the children to acquire practical communication skills, develop competence and confidence.

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