Focus on Work, Not Diapers

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focus on work not diapers

Why Should You Send Your Child to Leora Childcare & Kindergarten?

Peace of Mind

You can focus on work or other responsibilities knowing that your child is in a safe and supervised environment.

Socialisation and Development

We provide opportunities for your child to interact with peers, fostering social skills, independence, and early learning.

Structured Learning and Routine

We offer structured activities and routines that promote cognitive, emotional, and physical development for your child

Work-Life Balance

By having a reliable and flexible childcare arrangements, you can achieve a better balance between your work responsibilities and personal/family time, reducing stress and enhancing your overall well-being.

What parents are saying about us:

Our childcare & kindergarten follows structured routines that include age-appropriate activities, meals, nap times, and play sessions. We ensure each child's day is balanced with learning, socialisation, and rest.
Leora Childcare & Kindergarten takes the safety of your child very seriously. We maintain secure facilities, conduct regular safety checks, and adhere to strict supervision protocols. Our staff is trained in emergency procedures, including first aid and CPR.
Our curriculum focuses on early childhood development through play-based learning, sensory activities, art, music, and language exploration. We encourage curiosity and foster a love for learning in a nurturing environment.
We promote positive behaviour through gentle guidance, positive reinforcement, and age-appropriate methods tailored to each child's developmental stage. Our goal is to support emotional growth and self-regulation skills.
We maintain open communication with parents through daily reports, parent-teacher conferences, and regular updates via our communication app. You'll receive detailed information about your child's meals, naps, activities, and developmental milestones.

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With over thirty years' experience caring for children, we know how to look after children really well

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