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Keeping our class size small, having a solid number of educators on the floor and supervised by a very experienced centre director, your child will be well looked after.

We had babies as young as 6 weeks old! We often have babies as young as 3 months old. We have much experience with babies.

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Leora Baby Centre
Small class size

Small Class Size

Safer, tailored development program. Providing full attention to every child.

Age appropriate resources

Age Appropriate Resources

From separate sleeping area with cots to specific toys for babies to ensure safe physical & emotional development

Baby Food

Nutritious Food

We prepare food for your baby in house by experienced chef, or you can provide us formula or breast milk

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

We send you images, videos and messages using our state of the art software so that you stay connected with your child even when you are away

Leora Baby Centre believes that every child deserves quality childcare. We provide a very competitive daily rate which includes everything, nappies, creams, food. We provide discounts to siblings (twins for instance). We are also registered for CCS and can assist in applying for CCS.
In some circumstances we might provide further financial help. We assess this case by case. Please talk to us about your situation.
Leora Baby Centre is committed to the safety and wellbeings of the children. With very young babies we have one-on-one attention irrespective of the number of children in the room. With older children we exceed the required ratio of one educator to four children, typically we have two educators to four children.
On first glance it would appear that hiring a nanny is a good choice. After all your child gets attention and cooking and cleaning is done too.
But think about this for a minute. How much attention can your nanny give your child when cooking and cleaning?
Do you think your child develops in the best way? No structured leaning, no qualified staff?
There are numerous advantages sending your child to us -

  • We provide high quality care & education and at the same time you are getting a break

  • Structured program designed to enhance the curiosity and emotional development of your child

  • We have skilled and qualified educators subject to audits by the Department of Education

  • Socialising opportunities with other children

  • Your child will have access to varied  educational resources that are different from home

  • Your child grows in a loving environment and you get a professional feedback

  • We prepare meals for your child in-house by a qualified chef all from fresh ingredients. We prepare Puréed food as required. We look after all food requests, intolerance and food allergies. Our kitchen is registered and is audited by Council for your piece of mind

  • You can get a subsidy

Leora Baby Centre is committed to child safety & wellbeings -
- We ensure all toys are sanitised thoroughly
- We ensure children are kept clean
- We teach them from young age to wash their hands before eating
- We inform parents of any potential disease and infection
- We keep our class size small and by so doing prevent children from being exposed to diseases from other children
- Since 2016 when we first opened our doors, we never had a centre wide infections or diseases. Sure we had children sick but not a centre wide sicknesses
- In plain English, your child is safe as one can possibly be!
Recall this is not a school, this is a childcare. How many friends do you have since you were 6 months old? 2 years old? The idea that 'there are so many children in the class so it must be good for my child' might be suitable from a certain age but at this age there are huge benefits to small classes -

- It is much easier to watch & observe a small group of children
- We provide more individualised attention than what you will get in a big centre
- In a large centre you can expect to have more children sick exposing your child to diseases
- We are a more intimate centre. You will get to know the centre director and the educator more easily and much quicker
- You will be amazed, guaranteed, how fast your child settles in
- Children are really really happy here, and based on parents' feedback, happier than other centres including big centres!

So many happy parents are already attending Leora Baby Centre. Why shouldn't you?

With over thirty years' experience caring for children, we know how to look after children really well

Permanent Care and Casual Care

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