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Permanent care and Occasional care.

Research shows that –
  • Bilinugal education introduces the children to alternative ways to express themselves and gain a more in-depth understanding of different ways of knowing, being and belonging
  • Language learning can develop skills that are not strictly ‘linguistic’. These include creative and critical thinking skills, being able to tolerate not understanding something, building persistence and resilience skills, developing negotiation and higher order thinking skills
  • Children developing a richer understanding of how languages work
  • Bilingual education strengthens children’s self-esteem and cultural identify
Leora Childcare & Kindergarten
Leora Childcare & Kindergarten is a unique owner operated centre located in a beautiful modern facility in Caulfield South Melbourne.
We are a Reggio inspired bilingual Kindergarten & a Long Day Care. We provide a variety of innovative, language immersion program experiences to all children. Children spend their day immersed in a rich vocabulary in Hebrew or Spanish while our academic curriculum is presented by loving teachers in an interactive and engaging way. Our child-centric haven utilises language immersion, creative open spaces, nature, art and music to continue the path of happy, culturally diverse, open-minded global thinkers and forever learners.
We partner with our children’s’ families to foster a true love of language, culture, education and the arts to grow into global leader of the next generation.

We communicate your child’s development & excitement daily so that you always feel close to your child.
For us it is all about seeing the children develop, learn and being happy.

As parents in our centre you will have access to a range of learning resources specifically for parents, you will be invited to events throughout the year such as ‘Pyjama day’, ‘Grandparent day’, ‘Activity day’, and so forth. We invite families to participate and contribute to our centre’s activities. You will be invited to speech nights delivered by experts in their field where you gain valuable knowledge and ask questions.

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Why Bilingual?
There is a myriad of research showing the advantages of bilingual education. Here is extract from just a one report –
“Are bilingual children confused?…
…the research is clear: bilingual infants readily distinguish their two languages and show no evidence of confusion…”

“Does bilingualism make children smarter?…
…bilingual preschoolers seem to have somewhat better skills than monolinguals in understanding others’ perspectives, thoughts, desires, and intentions (Bialystok & Senman, 2004; Goetz, 2003; Kovács, 2009)…new evidence suggests that even bilingual infants (Kovács & Mehler, 2009a, 2009b) and toddlers (Poulin-Dubois, Blaye, Coutya, & Bialystok, 2011) show cognitive advantages. Additionally, there is some evidence that bilingual infants are advantaged in certain aspects of memory, for example generalizing information from one event to a later event (Brito & Barr, 2012)…”
National Library of Medicine: Byers-Heinlein K, Lew-Williams C. Bilingualism in the Early Years: What the Science Says. Learn Landsc. 2013 Fall;7(1):95-112. PMID: 30288204; PMCID: PMC6168212. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6168212#:~:text=Again%2C%20the%20research%20is%20clear,tell%20one%20from%20the%20other.